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Six Senses Thimphu


The Palace in the Sky 

Bhutan is rich in culture, tradition and spirituality that have been carefully guarded and preserved.


Situated within apple orchards and pine forests, yet still within reach of the capital’s attractions, Six Senses Thimphu is perched on an auspicious hillside overlooking the shimmering lights of Thimphu. With its grand design and outdoor ponds reflecting the sky above. 


The architecture and design of the spacious lodge reflect the values of Bhutanese culture, simplicity, and harmony. The lodge reflects an aspect of Bhutan, offering guests new perspectives along their journey through the five valleys.


Six Senses Thimphu offers 25 spacious villas and suites, starting from 721 square feet for the Lodge Suites and up to 3,358 square feet for the Three-Bedroom Villa.


The best way to discover the heritage and hospitality of this colourful landlocked Himalayan Kingdom is to journey through it.


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Six Sense-4
Six Sense-5


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