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Chiva Som

Hua HinThailand

The Haven of Life 

Chiva-Som on the Gulf of Thailand set within seven acres of tropical greenery is well-known as the finest health and wellness retreat and resort in the country.


It offers an entire series of wellness retreats to heal and improve both the body and mind. Each of these retreats is focused on different aspects in the pursuit of achieving total wellness holistically.


The quality of the expertise, treatments and facilities makes Chiva-Som the perfect place to start or rekindle a journey of learning, achievement and discovery.

Retreats, treatments, activities and nutrition are the four quarters of the whole Chiva-Som experience.


All of the accommodations feature modern amenities, natural woods, local fine silks etc The cuisine is crafted by exceptional chefs whose speciality is bringing benefit to the table.


Relax and enjoy the serenity of the grounds or get active. There’s an entire range of beautiful facilities to choose from. 


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